Wild Hope Collective



Wild Hope Collective is a media company centered around conservation and adventure.

Humans will always influence the state of the environment. We embrace this fact and prove that it’s possible to symbiotically exist with the planet's other inhabitants.

In the spirit of creativity and exploration, we shed light on beautiful moments of humanity as it exists within ecosystems.

With our photography and films, we capture adventure, truth, and hope through the lens of biodiversity and nature. We produce the highest quality content of the most precious places on Earth.


We work with...

  • Companies that encourage adventure and preservation of the planet.

  • Non-profit groups who are devoted to protecting and reconstructing cultures and ecosystems.

  • And you - we tell stories conceived and crowd-funded by regular people who care about making the world a better place.

Join us on a journey.




Ian Rock

Ian has been taking photos and telling stories for most his life. He has been captivated by animals and nature for longer still. Studying Earth and Ocean Sciences at Duke University with a focus on Marine Conservation and Leadership, Ian has a unique pairing of science and multimedia production skills.  Known for his energy and enthusiasm, Ian tackles projects vehemently, doing whatever it takes to tell the story.




Ian Markham

Growing up in an unusual combination of California, Honduras, Nigeria, England and France, Ian Markham’s first introduction to reefs and rainforests came at the age of 6 months with a trip to Costa Rica. Capturing fish, insects, and amphibians early in life morphed easily into a love of capturing photos and videos of wildlife later in life as an ecologist and environmental scientist. After his Bachelor’s of Science from Stanford University he worked for several international NGO’s before returning for a Master’s of Environmental Management at Duke. Having spent a year working as a photo instructor and undersea specialist on National Geographic ships, Ian Markham now roams the world looking for scientists and conservationists to partner with to tell stories of resilience and recovery for people and nature that will help them do their work to save the planet while inspiring others to join the cause.